Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Training test

Hi All, would like u guys to test ur individual fitness by doing the 4 stations below:

1) Chin-up ( max reps), Ladies inclined chin-ups.
2) Bench press ( 1rep max ) Ideally should aim to lift 1.5X bodyweight for mens, ladies 0.5-0.8X is very gd alr. ie( 70kg men should lift 1.5X 70= 105kg ) so work hard to achieve this.
3) Deadlift 2X bodyweight ie( 2X70kg=140kg ) mens, Ladies (1.5Xbodyweight)
4) Running 2km test as fast as possible mens >0845min, ladies > 10mins

The above are ideal targets set out, but try to perform to the best of ability 1st and try and track your progress periodically ie every 6 weeks or so. Remember the closer you are to your ideal target the closer success will be. Train hard n have great fun ya! Jon do note down eveybody records for easy reference in future testings.


Monday, October 5, 2009

Pap's 2nd land training after JI

It started with me arriving on time and in fact 15 mins earlier!!

Yes la I am loooving this...self praise on my first BLOG..hehe

Ok Ok..lets see

Dawn our Cap or Vice Cap (Someone has to clarify to me again if Dawn or Dennis is the CaP) oops ..she had to join Tiger Lilies for a synchro training before the SAVA Compeition next week. Thats helps Tiger Lilies but That does not help us cause now Patrick is putting his full concentration on the 5 of us (name Kenji, Joe, Su li, Jes and me!) Its tough! We need Eileen. Will tell you why in person. heheh

Patrick tried to put Joe and Kenji as pacers and even with Su li's constant support cheering them to be consistent ...they emm...Patrick end up saying " Eh i think you both go back la" ...hhaha they are simply either too fast or too strong.

We learn another new word from Patrick this week...instead of Kia Kia Kia...its Lai ah Push Ah ..Lai Ah PusH Ah....hahaha I am laughing as I am typing this! I tried to say Push but Joe beside me still say Push Ah..OMG

Guys six more training sessions to Regatta. We need to Lai Ah Push Ah together man!

Patrick will be posting some land training regime for us....So Mr very Important for Training you know who you are...now you can change the TABATA..and after your 100% completion please start the gym hor.

Till then Signing out...Dawn with the above ...do you regret asking me to blog for PAPs.

My body aches now!

Training Prog

Hi all, here are some training prog that u guys can use for land training.. Focus on slightly heavier weights n perform 3 sets 8-12 reps, minimize rest period n complete the wrkout in 1 hr.

1) Bench press (2sets decline, 2 sets incline)
2) Bend over row
3) lateral raises with dumb bell
4) 1 arm row
5) Upright row
6) Seated row
7) Push-ups ( Tabata style jon shld knw 4mins)

For core muscles 3 sets each:
1) Plank (1-1.5mins)
2) Flutter kicks ( Tabata style 4 mins)


Sunday, August 16, 2009

15 Aug 2009 - J.I. Race. The day we pulled it off. Alright!

Yes, we did it! Papillon did it again.
That's thrice in a row -

The 1st time, jostling in the wrong lane;
The 2nd time in the right lane and clearly the winner;
The 3rd time, heartstoppingly close.

Jurong Island Race 2009
Mixed Category

Heats 1:25:26
Semis 1:25:44
Final 1:26:08

Special note: Believe me - the stunned silence and confusion between euphoria/dread that follows a close finish between the first/second-placed boats is one of those rare, defining moments which one experiences only a few times in life.
(For our own longevity's sake, I do not recommend such exotic sources of thrills. But who cares - Papillon will still rejoice and celebrate, once we get over the shock. Or sooner, when we emerge with the favourable outcome! :)

And celebrate, we did.
The bushed but jubilant Papillon army sought refuge at a cosy home in Ang Mo Kio with the permission of our gracious hosts Su Li & Jui Goy, and fresh water and food supplies promptly arrived in the form of KFC and Pizza Hut. (Nope, this time we didn't have no 933 golden pillows that took forever to arrive. We do learn wisely from past experiences, you know.)

A great race, harrowingly close, but all the same, a triumph that deserves to be celebrated and treasured - for it didn't come easy. There were bouts of uncertainty, major disruption from turnarounds, erratic attendance at trainings (both land and water), rare was the training with all 10 on board, we shifted Paps from left to right to left just to balance the boat, and occasionally even had to borrow supersub rowers (dear Freddy, and also Ben CH(i)ONG-ing between Houston and Singapore but still making it a point to join us whenever he could).

As with all teams, there are bound to be movements and changes - we saw Pierre, Yen Nee, Christy and Marilyn sitting out to pursue various endeavours ; but we also saw our newly-minted Papillons - Xiuhuan, Lin, Kenji, Yan Geow - rise admirably to the occasion.

And that's the true mark of Papillon - though individuals may evolve, but the Team will stay strong, and will collectively give our best fight, no matter what challenges we face.

So be very proud of yourselves, be very proud of Papillon.
As our wise grand advisor Vincent Teo always says (something of the following essence, cannot remember exact words because every time I hear it, it sounds slightly different yet same same),
"If you win once, it could be luck. Twice, people might say you are good. Three times, no need to say already!"

= Chief Editor D.L. signing off =

Sunday, July 19, 2009

3 more water trainings - go go go!

HellOoOo Paps!

Sobering realization and exciting one - we have only THREE more water trainings before SHOWTIME!

Let's keep the gym sessions going - both strength and cardio.

And on Saturdays, we shall gather punctually at Lower Seletar to perfect our team coordination. We will count together, both mentally and out loud.
(Point to note: When we are fit, it's much easier to maintain focus and get our counts right - so again, back to fitness work at the gym.)

Strength + Cardio bursts + Flawless Papillon Coordination = J.I. dream come true.

Remember, we got to do it together. We've come so far and put in so much time and effort - just 3 more weeks to the awesome race of the season.

"Imagine a steel rod, grab it tight and pull yourself and the boat forward."
- Yea let's grab on tight, real tight, cos we're going on a heck of a ride!

= Chief Editor signing off =

Saturday, June 27, 2009

27 June 2009 - It's always darkest before the dawn.

Dear Papillons,

Although we didn't make the cut to the finals, I think today was still a meaningful outing. It's the first ever Inter-Corporate Mixed event for SDBF 800m, and held for the first time at the Marina Barrage too. Weather was good, kites were flying high, race starter was corny - we really can't ask for more. (OK, maybe we'll ask for Ramlee burger the next time.)

Anyway! On a more sensible note...
If you ask me - honestly, I can't think of any reason why we should have won today; but I can think of a number of reasons why we did not win.
Strangely, this gives me hope -
Because we now know where we have to buck up, because competition won't wait for you - they only get stronger.
It also makes me excited -
Because I imagine what we can be, if we train hard, together.

And that's why I'm not dismayed by today's race - because we are now aware that we still have some way to go, and we know exactly how to get there. (Just as well that it hit us now - better now, than at J.I. race! 15 August...)

So... let us get goin, shall we? :)

= Chief Editor D.L. signing off =

Monday, June 8, 2009

6 June 2009 - Counting down... revving up.

Kallang, oh Kallang - we love you so much, we can't bear to train elsewhere.

This Sat, Papillons were still at Kallang! Where there always looms the threat of an eternally grumpy half-naked man barking at you, for various reasons eg. taking an extra sawed-off mobil1 bottle, taking life vests from other racks than the first, returning the boat 1 second late... blah. Oh well - life is not perfect, so what the heck.

But training was GREAT! Previous Sat we got started on race sets, and this week we continued on that track - and about time, too. We began the season by learning the new core-power twisting technique, spent subsequent weeks drumming it into our muscle memory before working on team coordination.

And now we have reached the stage where we put it all together, in a race set!
So far, things are looking good - but we will never know our true prowess, until we get the boat fully loaded with Papillons.

In these coming weeks, Coach Patrick will continue to try and bring up our stroke rate so that the boat can glide even faster without 'dipping' in-between strokes.
We can only do this, together! So let's all do our very best to make these last few trainings.

The 800m SDBF race has traditionally been an Open category - but this year, they have actually introduced a Mixed Category. Which means that we have a very good shot at it - but only if all of us are of one mind, to want it.

Let's revv up on the gym workouts (but please ah, don't overstrain) and more importantly, water-fitness - nothing beats a good solid rowing session with fellow Papillons!

See yous this Sat,
(The race looms - I am excited and how 'bout choo? ;)

= Chief Editor D.L. signing off =